Understanding Ginger and Its Export Value

  • Author: Dr. Usman A. Suleiman
  • Level: Basic
  • Modules: 2
  • Number of Videos: 9
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Course overview
Why do people dislike ginger? There are many answers and opinions on that matter, but the benefits from this crop are huge. This course will take you through so many hidden things about ginger, its benefits, types, etc. The course also covers the business side of ginger, such as: requirements to export it, how to package and preserve it, and so much more. 
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Certification included


Learners will gain a fresh perspective into the ginger export value chain by;
  • Understanding the global market and demand for ginger.
  • The types of ginger available in Nigeria for export.
  • The ginger production, its export and everything in-between.
  • Understanding the importance of ginger in the world and in other products.

Happy Learning!

Course contents

Meet the instructor

Dr. Usman A. Suleiman

Dr. Usman Suleiman is the Principal Consultant of Fortress20 Commodities, a foremost agricultural exports management and consulting firm in Nigeria. He is a Certified International Trade Finance (CITF) Professional from the London Institute of Banking and Finance, UK. Over the years, he has explored various aspects of the Export Value Chain with focus on Ginger. 
Patrick Jones - Course author