Leveraging on Agro Products for Community Prosperity

Farming-related industries



Ilodeipe Ogbokuma



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This is the commercial sector that includes agricultural and farming-related industries. It encompasses the entire process of bringing an agricultural product to market, including production, processing, and distribution. Because agricultural goods may be exported, this business is a vital part of the economy.
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A snippet of what you are getting

  • What products can you leverage on as a beginner.
  • The importance of agro products and why we should use them.
  • Learn how to brand, package, and sell your products.
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Course Lessons

She is the CEO of Atik Global Services. A graduate with BA in Theatre and Film Studies (Specialty in Feminism) and a Post Graduate Experience in Community Development. She has received Certifications ranging from HSC to Project Management, and from various Entrepreneurship Development Centers (EDCs), among which is FATE FOUNDATION and SHELL LIVEWIRE, where she recently received the 2019 YOUNG BUSINESS LEADERS Award for outstanding performance in the regional LiveWire Program, presented on the 30th of July 2021, organized by The Shell Petroleum Company of Nigeria Limited.
She has in the past 10 years been on the journey of impacting various Rural Communities by carrying out Community Projects to Empower Women, Youths and Farmers in general. She has occupied leadership positions as;
  • River State Executive Director for Africa's Young Entrepreneurs (AYE).
  • Deputy Coordinator, Nigerian Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, Youth Entrepreneurs (NYE)
  • National Youth Coordinator, Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners (AWEBO), amongst others.
Ilodeipe Ogbokuma